Are you sick and tired of not being found as a small business online!

Using search directories and search engines that are not truly local to Melbourne.

Trust is missing in local search whilst inundated with irrelevant information.

Melbourne has been given a reprieve.
The implementation/introduction of the .melbourne gTLD (genericTopLevelDomain)
is the best thing for all who work, live and play in Melbourne.

The New Latest and Greatest Directory for Melbourne.
DotMelbourne will provide a search directory like no other for Melbourne businesses
and the local community to find truly local product or content easily at less cost
for advertising and wasted time searching especially when using mobile on the go.
While out and about you may search for a product or business and if you need directions
you will also be able to travel to those in your particular area of choice guided by the App.

DotMelbourne will only provide listings who actually have a .melbourne domain name.

What if I already have a web site?
You may already have a or other .whatever, you will still need
the .melbourne domain to be added into the directory.
We would like to help you choose the .melbourne and can provide a custom .melbourne
(add $90.00 to chosen listing type)
Note: When a .melbourne is chosen you need to think very locally.
A redirect is then applied from your existing site to the newly created

DotMelbourne will also be supported by a NEW! mobile App – Coming Soon.

DotMelbourne will be advertised by local radio stations.
Early morning and evening travellers will hear about the new gTLD and the new directory.
More about this later.